A Word About 5 Stone & Church Planting

By Judd Vier

Jesus in His infinite wisdom has ordained a few strong, obedient men to be entrusted to tend to His bride, The Church.  Most of these men of God fulfill their calling by taking hold of the mantle that was established by someone previous to them.  However, there are those special few whom God says to, “Behold, I am doing a new work”.  These men are the instruments that God uses to make something from nothing.  These are CHURCH PLANTERS.  These men are a rare find – a jewel.  5Stone Ministries is passionate about coming alongside such men.  

These men need to be visionaries, shepherds, strategists, operators and fundraisers.  5Stone Ministries extracts and compliments these qualities to fulfill this God-given mission.  Since vision articulation is a must, we begin here.  Without the appropriate vision there are no tracks to run on.  The Spirit of God is generous to give men vision of His desired plans and 5Stone thrives on such vision.  

Once the vision is laid like the foundation of a house, then the walls can be constructed.  Most often, this is where church planters get overwhelmed.  The key ministries and instruments for shepherding that a lot of churches take for granted like children’s, students, small groups, etc. must be built from scratch.  Often the question we hear is “Where do I begin?”  Prioritizing ministries into major and minor is the first step.  There are certain ministries that must be in place from the beginning to fulfill the overall vision of the church.  Then there are ministries that may come later that are complementarian.  The 5Stone Team have many years of experience in asking the right questions on the front end of church planting and then building a plan for such ministries to be established.

Even though the Church is an organism, there are many aspects that look like an organization.  Such things as budgets, facilities, policies and procedures.  Through many years of experience the 5Stone Team has learned the importance of such things.  One of the many areas that we serve church planters is creating such infrastructure.  This part of the church is not glamourous but necessary for long-term health.

Another key ingredient to successful church planting is leadership development.  Identifying and empowering key leaders such as elders, boards, staff and volunteers is no easy task.  Determining a church’s leadership pipeline from the beginning will generate many years of health and reproduction.  Unfortunately, much too often leadership development and discipleship is an after-thought.  The 5Stone Team assist church planters in creating leadership development as part of the DNA of the church from the beginning.

As you can see, there are many important aspects to planting a church and most of the time pastors are left to figure it out for themselves.  5Stone Ministries is here and equipped to address each of these areas competently.  This is the passion and heartbeat of the 5Stone Ministry because we feel the Church is the hope of the world and the most research shows the most effective way to reach the lost and unchurched is to plant new churches.  We are here to plant healthy, sustainable, reproducible churches locally, nationally and internationally.