5 Stone Board Member Makes Mission to Uganda

Reagan Redus, a successful restauranteur who currently operates Fresco's in Burleson, Highland Village, and Watauga, is a 5 Stone Ministries board member and is passionate about seeing God's work done around the world. Recently, he took a mission trip to Children of the Nations, a ministry in Lira, Uganda, which is led by Brandon Beard from Compass Church and 6 other men.

Children of the Nations is a ministry that takes a holistic approach to caring for children by providing them with education, housing, and everything that they need. The ages of the kids range from 3 to the age they graduate high school. Beyond that, the kids are provided assistance in attending college. Three hundred kids actually live on campus and receive education, while another four hundred live nearby and attend school during the day. Currently, Children of the Nations is in need of 150 additional sponsors who are willing to contribute $33 per month toward their ministry. If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved, please click the link down below.

Here's what Reagan had to say about his experience there:
The people absolutely had nothing, yet they were joyful and peaceful. They seemed happy to have a little something to eat, a place to call home, and fellowship with each other, but the thing that struck me the most was their love for Jesus. I’ve seen poverty, and I saw it in Africa, but never like this. These people sang and danced, they prayed, they knew God, they knew about eternity, they had hope and a faith I’m not used to seeing in the states. These children read their bibles daily, they knew scripture, they smiled a lot, they appreciated the little they had, and they were thankful, sincerely thankful.