5 Stone has worked hard with Pastor Dave Pretlove & Life Church Reno on their new building campaign. Watch this video to discover their vision for the Elevate Initiative. To learn more CLICK HERE

These short story films and written testimonials are a small sampling that exemplify what is happening around the world with 5 Stone. These are real stories from real church planters. Every story and context is unique. Your investment in 5 Stone will not just end with you or your organization. The work of planting new churches is always needed - in every city, in every country around the world. Consider partnering with in order create more stories like these.



I’ve known Mike and 5 Stone Consulting for over 15 years and he has been a tremendous source of help and encouragement to me personally and to the people I lead....He has a broad knowledge of leadership principles, which makes his coaching very relevant....He has a gift at assessing team dynamics and then coaching teams to bring alignment and synergy....Mike is a systems guy.  He really can help teams develop processes that increase creativity and productivity....He will definitely help ratchet up the passion in your environment. 

New Community Church

Muskogee, OK



I could not recommend working with Mike Roberts and 5 Stone Consulting more highly.  No matter what your sphere of influence–church, nonprofit, or business–they have a unique way of seeing the unseen. Mike's experience in all three of these spheres makes him an invaluable asset to any team.

City View Church

Schenectady, New York



Starting a church from nothing is hard; building a "healthy" ministry is even harder.  Five Stone Consulting's experience and expertise has been a great aaset....Mike has been blessed with the knowledge of "how" to build successful ministries and this is of great value, especially to new church planters.


Eternity Church

Reno, Nevada

I would highly recommend Mike Roberts and 5 Stone Consulting. Mike is an epic encourager, and brings energy and outside the box thinking to every meeting he is a part of. He has been a large part of my personal development and success, and the organizations I have led.
— David Pretlove, Lead Pastor of Life Church Reno

Our church began 4 short months ago in Cleburne, Texas. After accepting the call from God to move my family there we partnered with 5 Stone Consulting. To say that we have been incredibly blessed would be an understatement. These are men with high integrity, a love for the Lord, and are highly skilled at what they do. For me personally, to have the opportunity to hand-off the accounting aspects of our church to such professionals and to have the peace of mind that they are men of high character and can be trusted, has freed me up to focus upon building and pastoring our church. These men come alongside of you to help you in every way imaginable. This is invaluable for a church planter as so much of your time, in the beginning, has to be given to establishing connections and laying the foundations of a healthy church.
— Trinity Bounds, Pursuit Bible Church, Cleburne, TX. PBC is in our network as well as one of our church bookkeeping clients.

Over the past seven years I have had the honor to work with Mike Roberts of 5 Stone consulting. During the past several years he has worked side by side with me to broaden my leadership abilities and begin to see ahead of the curve so my departments were able to be proactive instead of reactive. In todays market, whether personal, ministry or business, vision and alignment are essential.
I have witnessed Mike work tirelessly to knit an organization’s vision to its down-stream leaders.The last thing a business or ministry needs is to run a-ground by the loss of vision alignment. When functioning in alignment, organizations are released to big impact and effectiveness. When out of alignment, too much energy is focused internally for correction instead of externally for impact
As a Pastor, I spend a lot of time reading and looking into leadership development because I believe one of the biggest challenges to maintaining a healthy church is maintaining healthy leadership or “discipleship”. Helping people take next steps in their faith journey is important. I recently attended a leadership conference where they were discussion an organizational DNA shift. This shift would include individual influence outside the organizations building. I was given an opportunity to speak specifically about strategies and ideas concerning the how’s and why’s a DNA shift should occur within an organization primarily due to the conversations Mike and I have had over the years.
I believe that Mike, as well as 5 Stone, has a heart to see individuals, ministries, churches and organizations reach the pinnacle of the purpose. Making 5 Stone a part of your strategy to achieve your goal can be hugely influential in solidifying the foundation of your organization or team.
I believe Mike’s personal influence has been directly tied to mine as well as many peoples advancement. His heart and drive to see people succeed is incredible. I have seen it personally as well in other individuals. I could write story after story about how his direct individual skill sharpening has impacted peoples leadership. He works with individuals to see past their current capacity and develop strategies to increase abilities and habits so their capacity grows. This growth both benefits the individual and the company.
As you shape your company’s team for tomorrow, I would consider making 5 Stone or Mike Roberts a part of your team today.
— Rob Hans | Campus Pastor Victory City Church
5 Stone Ministries has been working closely with our church through the last 2-3 years. We were an urban church plant struggling to see a sustainable fufure and they walked with us through the challenging terrain of considering whether we needed to re-launch our church plant in a different area. This was a prayerful time and a challenging leadership season. 5 Stone really was a sounding borad for all decisions and I always knew that they were praying for me. We decided to relaunch this year. We invited 5 Stone to be our advisory board and our financial record keeping for these critical early years. They are doing a great job of supporting our new work. Whether you need leadership training, operational management, or help with budget tracking & financial accountability, 5 Stone Ministries can help your church plant. I would highly recommend them.
— Andy White, Church Project 544, Sachse, TX