• The church is the hope of the world. 

  • The most effective way to reach new people, locally or globally, is through planting new churches.

  • The need is to plant healthy, sustainable and reproducible churches. 



  • revitalization - defined as bringing again into activity and prominence
  • regeneration - defined as the activity of spiritual or physical renewal
  • resurrection - defined as a revival from inactivity and disuse; "it produced a resurrection of hope"
  • resuscitation - defined as the act of reviving a person and returning them to consciousness; "although he wasapparently drowned, resuscitation was accomplished by artificial respiration"

Like many successful people, teams and churches, atrophy is real. We often protect and guard what seems to have worked because it was successful at the time. When in fact it what was effective at one time can eventually become dated and out of sync with the people it is called to reach. A rut is an easy thing to get stuck in and a rut is really a grave with both ends kicked out. The irreducible message of the Kingdom is to make disciples and the message is not to be changed but the methods from generation to generation do.  5 Stone will assess a church and the community it is planted in to provide the answers and solutions to get the work revitalized and reinvigorated for maximum Kingdom impact. 

This statement by Albert Mohler incapsulates the heart and passion 5 Stone has for revitalizing churches to new levels of Kingdom life and service.                                           “One of our central tasks in the present generation is to be bold in our vision of replanting churches — helping existing churches to find new vision, new strategic focus, new passion for the gospel, new hunger for the preaching of the Word, new love for their communities, and new excitement about seeing people come to faith in Jesus,” writes Mohler in the chapter. “Replanting churches requires both courage and leadership skills. A passion for replanting a church must be matched by skills in ministry and a heart for helping a church to regain a vision.” 


  • CLARIFY THE MISSION: 5 Stone and the church/organization begin by defining clear "organization goals" to achieve, together. "Organization goals" can look like a building campaign, raising support, growing small groups by a percentage, clarifying a church vision, building a marketing campaign, or a list of other things. Usually it is a combination of these or any of our other proficiencies, together.

  • SLAY THE GIANT: Once these "organization goals" are clearly defined 5 Stone then begins to work with the Church Plant/Revitalization in a partnership to define and work on strategic tasks that move toward the desired result. At this time, the labor and $ come from 5 Stone.

  • COOPERATIVE EFFORT: At a certain point in the growth of the Church, or in different incrimental stages, 5 Stone is added to the church budget as a "ministry partner" (for lack of a better term). Each scenarion is unique so this may be challenging to map out. The important thing here is that there is an intentional effort to replenish the "store houses" of 5 Stone so they can continue to help expand and work with other organizations/churches.

  • SUSTAINABLE SENDING SUPPORT: 5 Stone's strategy is accomplished when we have helped the church/organization accomplish it's "organization goals" AND the church provides all of it's own labor and $ for the church budget. Then the church add's a budget line for 5 Stone for ongoing support to help other church plants and revitalization projects. All proceeds paid to 5 Stone will pass forward to help the next Church Plant with their Start Up Phase.

  • FOLLOW UP: The Church will then receive quarterly visits from 5 Stone for a couple of years to insure sustained growth.


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